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Buon appetito!

Enjoy an award-winning Italian experience this Summer, right here in North Sydney...

Article first appeared in northsider Summer 2020/21

Jennifer and Juri Alberti at their Blue Street restaurant

As a warm breeze meanders through the open window next to your table, the sound of Pavarotti fills the air along with the sweet, mouthwatering smell of roast garlic. There’s a decadent seafood risotto and a glass of crisp Prosecco in front of you and you’re already deciding which gelato to choose for your gentle stroll back home after dinner.

Sounds like a slice of la dolce vita on the Italian Riviera right? Well northsiders, we’re pleased to say that this authentic experience can be found right here in North Sydney - no quarantine required.

Lasagna made with Juri’s three-hour ragu. Grab a pizza the action at Via Della Spiga!

Passionate and hardworking husband and wife team, Juri and Jennifer Alberti, have been serving up traditional Italian cuisine for the past five years at their restaurant Via Della Spiga on Blue Street.

Originally from Milan, Juri discovered his passion for cooking as a child, spending time in the kitchen making gnocchi, pastas and sauces with his grandmother.

“Food is about memories,” Juri says. “It’s about sharing something from the heart so there’s a lot of love in the dishes we serve.”

“Our customers are like family... Empty plates that's what we love.”

With 25 years’ experience as a chef, Juri worked restaurants in Milan, Tuscany and Spain before arriving in Australia. “I love cooking, eating together, enjoying food,” Juri enthuses. “The first thing I think each morning is what I’ll cook that day!”

As diners arrive at the restaurant, Jennifer and Juri welcome them by name and remember their favourite dishes and drinks. “Our customers are like family,” Jennifer continues. “It’s a lovely community. And we’re so proud when people tell us our pizza is the closest they’ve had to pizza in Italy. Empty plates, that’s what we love.”

Named after the Milanese street the couple were married on, Via Della Spiga’s menu includes classic Italian food as well as traditional dishes with a twist.

Entrées include roasted garlic focaccia, classic frito misto and bruschetta. Main meals include a selection of pastas, from a generous slice of bubbling homemade lasagna that’s packed with a rich, three-hour slow-cooked ragu, to a simple but delicious spaghetti with garlic, chilli and oil.

Award-winning restaurant

There’s meat and fish dishes, including Agnello al Marsala, lamb shoulder braised with Marsala wine from Sicily and served with potatoes and green beans, “So soft, you could eat it with a spoon,” Juri smiles, as well as specials which always include a risotto, Juri’s signature dish and the food of his hometown.

And then there’s the pizzas…thin, crispy bases with a top choice of toppings.

There’s traditional, such as the Italia Pizza topped with tomato sauce, cheese, rocket, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and modern fusion combinations such as the New Delhi, made with tomato sauce, cheese, tandoori chicken, onion and capsicum.

Make sure you leave room for dessert too. Juri’s homemade Tiramisu combines espresso, Frangelico and Kahlua in the indulgent mix.

As generous dishes come out of the kitchen, it’s easy to understand why the restaurant has received recognition from Trip Advisor and the Italian Chamber of Commerce for authenticity. “Seeing people enjoying my food is what it’s all about,” Juri concludes.

Via Della Spiga has recently been recognised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for their authentic Italian ingredients and has also been awarded Trip Advisor’s Overall 2020 Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best. Based on a year of Trip Advisor reviews, award winners are the top 1% of listed hospitality businesses around the globe.

They are reopening for dine-in on the 11 October and have a brand new outdoor dining area. Book now so you don't miss a table!


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