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North Sydney NSW 2060


Shortlisted as a Finalist in the 2019 Mumbrella Publish Awards - Magazine Launch of the Year

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“We have been getting so much great feedback from the article and so many new faces visiting the shop it’s been amazing! Thank you so much!”

Bianca, Giuseppe’s Gourmet Meats

Our content 

For the past three years, every issue of northsider magazine has been generously supported by our local advertising partners. As an independent team of two locals, we wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of printing and distributing 10,000 copies of the publication every quarter without them. Our editorial content is independent and at the editorial team's discretion.



In print

Advertising in the print magazine includes display and directory as well as advertorial content. Any advertorial content created in collaboration with a partner is always clearly marked as such, with northsider partner appearing at the top of the page. We only partner with businesses we know our readers will find of interest and our branded advertorials are always put together by a professional journalist with the highest of integrity.


Digital and social

Our website carries banner advertising and any social media post that relates to our advertisers is clearly marked #northsider_partner in the caption. Any sponsored social media posts will be tagged as such using the relevant platform’s sponsorship collaboration tools.

Charities and not-for-profits

Every issue of northsider offers a % of free advertising space/coverage for local charities or not-for-profits. We are committed to supporting and promoting those who help others, both in our community and further afield. 


We’re proud to bring our community a quality magazine with related digital and social platforms that inform and entertain and are grateful to every person and organisation who help us to create each issue.

northsider sydney   North Sydney NSW 2060   P 0439 696 910 or 0405 783 995 E

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