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How to cook the perfect steak… with Giuseppe!

Originally from Calabria, south west Italy, Waverton local legend Giuseppe Tirinato descends from three generations of butchers. His shop, Giuseppe’s Gourmet Meats, is open seven days. Here, Giuseppe shares his top tops for cooking the perfect steak!

Cooking the perfect steak is easy! You just need to follow a few simple steps...

Prep: 10 mins

Cook: 5 mins

Ingredients: Choice of fast cooking steak such as Scotch Fillet, Sirloin or Eye Fillet


• Take the meat out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before cooking. This allows it to come to room temperature and ensures even cooking.

• Pat with paper towels, making sure the outside of the meat is as dry as possible before cooking. If you want to cut the fat off the steak, do it once it’s cooked as fat adds flavour and moisture to the meat. Brush the steaks with oil and season all over with salt and pepper.

• Preheat a large frying pan or BBQ to a high heat. If using a pan, the heavier the base, the better. Heavy-based pans hold heat longer and cook the meat evenly.

• It’s important not to overcrowd the pan or BBQ or the meat will stew rather than sear. Cook in batches or use two pans if needs be. You should hear a sizzle when the steak hits the pan.No sizzle means the pan isn’t hot enough.

• As a rule of thumb for a steak 22mm thick, cook for two mins each side for rare, 3-4 mins each side for medium-rare and 4-6 mins each side for medium. For well done, cook for 2-4 mins each side, turn the heat down and cook for 4-6 mins.

• Use the tip of your clean index finger to gently prod the steak. If it’s soft and squishy, it’s rare. If it’s soft but a bit springy, it’s medium-rare. Springy is medium and any firmer, it’s on its way to well done.

• Place the steaks onto a plate or wooden board, cover loosely with foil and rest for 6-7 minutes before slicing across the grain or serving. Resting allows the meat to relax and the juices return to the meat fibres This means the juices won’t run on to the plate when you cut the steak and results in more tender meat. Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some salt. Enjoy!

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