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Vola Young OAM - The Norths Star!

Age is just a number when it comes to staying fit and healthy for Northbridge local Vola Young OAM

Vola Young OAM
Vola Young has been a dancer and entertainer all her life

Dipping into a perfect plié, Vola Young OAM is the epitome of poise. In one swift move, the ballerina is balancing beautifully on one leg, drawing gasps of awe from gym goers half her age. Vola’s skills are a testament to her decades of dedication to dance. She is a credit to the discipline’s ability to build core strength and flexibility.

A dancer since she was a child, Vola, who believes age is all about positive thinking, has attended ballet classes at Norths Fitness, the state of the art gym and inclusive fitness centre at Norths in Cammeray, for the past 30 years.

“I love the exactitude of ballet,” she says. “You’ve got to place your body properly and do each move absolutely correctly. I practice once a week these days, but I’ve been performing for years...”

“I was banned from TV in Italy after showing my belly button doing a hula dance!”

Seasoned entertainer Vola’s work on stage and screen spans seven decades.

As a child she studied ballet, jazz and tap before expanding her repertoire to many other genres, including Spanish flamenco and the hula.

“I was banned from TV in Italy after showing my belly button while doing a hula dance,” she remembers. “Back then we were all wearing bikinis here in Australia but in Europe something like that was still shocking!”

From performing in the nightclubs and theatres of Sydney to the stages of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and beyond, Vola’s talent saw her travel the world.

Vola Young OAM
Vola practises ballet in a weekly class at Norths Fitness

“I was a dancer who could sing, a singer who could dance and then I started acting as well,” she explains.

Finding herself a base in Northbridge, Vola was part of the team instrumental to the restoration of the Independent Theatre in North Sydney.

Still gracing stage and screen today, there’s nothing stopping her at the barre.

“I’m a great believer in living well and being healthy,” she says. “Don

’t hold grudges and don’t worry about ‘if onlys’ and ‘I should.’ Come and join us in the ballet class! From ballet, you can do anything.”

And as Vola continues her stretches, lifting her leg above her head with ease, it’s hard to disagree with that!


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