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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

First published northsider magazine Autumn 2019

Hi! I’m Ted the Puggle! I’m going to be bringing you all the info on the neighbourhood’s best spots for us pets – from what’s ruff to what’s barking brilliant. This issue, I’ve had a chat on the dog and bone with my mate Beren the Lab, three. Follow him on Instagram @berenthelab

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I'm Ted, northsider's rover reporter

Ted: Hi Beren! So how long have you lived here in McMahons Point?

Beren: It’s been two years. The community couldn’t be more dog-friendly. Kids ask permission to pat or play with me, which is extremely thoughtful. While most other dogs are good boys and girls, it’s always best to ask their mum and dad first.

T: The word in the dog park is that you were born in Tokyo in Japan!

B: I sure was! My mum, Pearl, was offered a job in Sydney so we moved here. It wasn’t easy. I had to fly from Tokyo to Hong Kong, then fly from Hong Kong to Melbourne. I wasn’t allowed out of my crate until I got to the quarantine facility. I stayed there for ten-days then flew to Sydney. My grandma and grandpa are in Japan and they miss me. We FaceTime but it’s not the same. I hope they visit soon!

T: What’s your favourite food? Mine’s peanut butter but I’m on a diet so I have to say carrots.

B: Being a Labrador, I don’t discriminate when it comes to food. I’ll eat anything.

Beren, chocolate labrador, dog, North Sydney, McMahons Point
Here's me and my Mum

T: Where’s your favourite place for walkies?

B: I love running and swimming at Reid Park, Sawmillers Reserve, Sirus Cove and Primrose Park.

T: Before I was on a diet, I’d get a poached egg from The Flying Bear for brekkie sometimes. Where do you like best?

B: Piato and The Greens are both fun. Mum says they have incredible food but can get busy. All I want to do is play with the other doggies before the food arrives. Mum likes 67 Union Street Deli in McMahons Point or Botanica Gardens Café in Waverton too because they’re quieter. I head to the Commodore Hotel for an after-work drink and dinner with Mum too. I don’t think many people realise it’s dog-friendly.

"Being a Labrador, I don't discriminate when it comes to food. I'll eat anything"

T: I like getting pats in Milsons Park. Where’s your favourite pat-stop?

B: I’d recommend the corner of Victoria Street and Blues Point Road in front of Chedi Thai and McMahons Point Grocer. Whenever Mum pops to the shop and leaves me outside, I receive an endless flow of ear scratches. It’s grrr-eat!

T: You’re a pup-fluencer on Instagram! Do you get recognised?

B: Absolutely! It makes me and Mum so happy. I’ve got 13.5k followers and get to meet lots of people. If you see us around and about in the neighbourhood, come over and say hi.

I get around

Some of Beren’s favourite local walkies spots -Sawmillers Reserve, Lavender Bay boardwalk, hanging out in McMahons Point, under the bridge in Bradfield Park.

T: I ran onto the green at the bowls club once. I thought it was pretty fun but Mum didn’t say I was a good boy afterwards. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?

B: I stole another dog’s squeaky ball and did zoomies around Sawmillers Reserve once. Mum was in a state of shock and embarrassment. Luckily, the dog and her parents were lovely. I did come back eventually, but Mum took me home immediately and wasn’t very pleased…

T: Well, I think you’re a very good boy Beren. See you in the dog park soon!

Beren, chocolate labrador, dog, Sawmillers Reserve, North Sydney, McMahons Point, Sydney Harbour
I love swimming and squeaky tennis balls

Photos of Beren: Instagram @berenthelab

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