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Splish Splash!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

First published in northsider Spring 2019

The lower north shore has long been home to a number of extra special swimming spots. We take a look back at some of the area’s best places to cool off with a magical harbourside plunge. These images are courtesy of Historical Services Stanton Library and are a wonderful glimpse into the area’s past.

Taking the plunge North Sydney Olympic Pool circa 1940

It’s easy to flip out at the Olympic Pool! Situated next to the harbour, below the coathanger and overlooked by Luna Park, your daily swim sesh takes place surrounded by some of the most iconic views in Australia.

In the swim of things: Lavender Bay Bath House

Harbour swimming at its best, right beside the Lavender Bay ferry wharf. Originally named Cavill’s Baths after Richard Cavill, a famous international swimmer and the first to use Australian Crawl in international competition, the tidal baths were in use for almost a century. The bath house was overseen by caretaker, Mrs Hayes, pictured left, before being demolished in the 1970s, around the time the image on the right was taken.

Crowd pleaser, North Sydney Olympic Pool

It was a full house in Milsons Point for the Empire Games back in 1938.

Front row swimming: MacCallum Pool, Cremorne Reserve

This harbourside saltwater pool was orignally a rock pool built in the 1920s by Fred Lane, a Cremorne local who competed in the 1900 Paris Olympics. It was rebuilt by Hugh MacCallum

in 1933. MacCallum Pool 1929 (left) and in 1987 (right)

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