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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Local artist, Robyn Kennedy, takes us on a walking tour of some of North Sydney’s surprising hidden gems…

Article first published in northsider magazine Winter 2021

Left to right: Signal boxes part of North Sydney Council’s ‘Colouring our Habitat’ community art initiative; new building details on Miller St; Freddie Timms’ painting ‘Lissadell’ at Coca Cola Place is one of the largest contemporary Aboriginal paintings ever completed.

"My husband and I love going for walks and exploring the local area,” Robyn tells northsider. A keen photographer, she always makes sure her camera is at hand to capture the beautiful places and surprising sights she discovers.

“I started a blog to inspire others to go out and discover them too,” Robyn says.

Her blog, Life Out and About, combines stunning images with information about the areas and the cafés, shops and places of interest Robyn finds along the way. A lower north shore local for 40 years, Robyn has been inundated with interest about her walking routes, which she also maps and shares. And while it’s a tough call to choose a favourite walk, Robyn particularly enjoys the village vibe of McMahons Point.

Left to right: mural work by artist Matt McLarty; architectural patterns at the corner of Blue and Miller St and ‘Chroma Haze’ by Nike Savvas at 1 Denison.

“And there’s so much variety around there,” she says. “From Lavender Bay to Kirribilli and North Sydney…I love the contrasts of architecture, art and history around every corner.”

Find Robyn and her jewellery designs at the Coal Loader’s Quarterly Artisans Market and see more of her walks at and on Facebook and Instagram



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