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It’s not just the natural beauty of the area that’s eye-catching. There’s plenty of art on the streets too…

Article first published in our launch issue - northsider Summer 2018/19 (Jacaranda House has sadly been painted over now)

1. Peter Kingston Walkway, LAVENDER BAY

Named after local artist Peter Kingston, classic comic book characters line this pretty path in Lavender Bay. Look out for Boofhead, The Magic Pudding and Bib and Bub to name just a few.

2. Lloyd Rees Lookout, McMAHONS POINT

This reserve at the end of Middle Street isn’t really much more than a bench. But take a seat, because this very view – minus Barangaroo – was the inspiration for many of Lloyd Rees’ harbour drawings.


This unassuming statue of a life-size terrier sits on top of the Broomfield Memorial Drinking Fountain in Bradfield Park. The bronze pooch was created to celebrate the Harbour Bridge’s 75th anniversary. Why a dog? The fountain commemorates Jessie Broomfield, who bequeathed money to Sydney dogs’ homes and requested that public parks have fountains with troughs for pups to drink from.

4. The Australian Angel, Bradfield Park, MILSONS POINT

A gift to NSW from the Swiss Government and the Swiss Australian Community to mark the 2000 Sydney Olympics, this rusted structure contains Olympic rings made from parts of an old train and rivets from a bridge in Switzerland.

5. The Jacaranda House, Carabella Street, KIRRIBILLI

Newly painted at the time of press, this mural celebrates the area’s jacarandas. It’s the work of Charlie Hudson, an Australian-American artist. While we don’t know if the piece is permanent, it’s a pretty tribute to the trees.

6. North Sydney Olympic Pool, MILSONS POINT

The art deco building was opened in 1936 and features frogs, seagulls and dolphins carved into the walls.

7. Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, LAVENDER BAY

Natural beauty and artwork combine in this harbourside gem. A frolicking cupid fountain, which belonged to one-time McMahons Point resident artist Margaret Olley, and an elegant bronze head by artist Joel Elenberg are among the artworks that welcome you to the green space. And hidden among the plants there’s also smaller pieces to be discovered, such as the statue of Hindu god Ganesha and the garden gnomes.

8. Signal box art, VARIOUS LOCATIONS

Keep an eye out and you’ll spot art on traffic signal boxes dotted around the harbour suburbs. Each one’s the result of a collaboration between artists and community groups.


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