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Bowled over

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Does your iso-diet need an overhaul? northsider is here to help!

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First published in northsider Summer 18/19

Life’s all about balance for Health Science and Nutrition graduate and Kirribilli food blogger Amelia Kay. The 25-year-old regularly wows her 6,000+ Instagram followers with goodness-packed smoothie bowls, healthy desserts and meal ideas. Here, she shares some clever food swaps, how long it takes to get a dish #instafamous and what ingredients should be on your shopping list.

ns: Why did you start an Instagram account for all your recipes?

Amelia: I’ve always loved cooking and the account came naturally through me documenting what I cooked. I studied nutrition so most of my recipes are healthy and nutritionally balanced – however I do love cooking and eating the odd indulgence! I wanted to show how quick and easy healthy eating can be.

ns: How long does it take to create the beautiful dishes?

Amelia: It depends on the recipe but something simple like a smoothie bowl takes a couple of minutes to whiz up and maybe about five minutes to decorate and photograph. I keep things quick as I usually make them before work when I’m in a rush.

ns: If someone was looking to improve their diet, what would you suggest?

Amelia: I love the idea of swapping rather than taking things away. It’s so much more maintainable and achievable. To add fibre and stay fuller for longer, swap refined grains such as white bread and rice for wholegrains such as brown or wild rice, wholewheat pasta, quinoa or buckwheat. To reduce saturated fat and increase omega 3, swap a few serves of red meat for fish, such as barramundi, snapper or salmon. And to still enjoy a tipple but skip the cals, swap your glass of wine or beer for a clear spirit with soda water and lime, or a wine spritzer.

ns: What ingredients will you be experimenting with?

Amelia: I love chickpea flour as it makes such a great base for pizza or falafel while also being gluten-free. I also make raw desserts using cacao butter – it tastes so creamy and decadent. I’m excited about green banana flour too as it contains resistant starch – great for gut health.

Mango mint smoothie bowl

Serves 1 - 5 minutes -


1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of choice)

1 serve vanilla protein powder (I used White Wolf Vanilla Vegan)

1 cheek fresh mango, chopped into cubes, or ½ cup frozen mango cubes

1 cup baby spinach leaves

handful mint leaves

½ tsp cinnamon

handful crushed ice

Toppings (optional)

passionfruit, mint leaves, freeze-dried pomegranate, natural peanut butter, bee pollen, coconut kefir.


1 Blend all smoothie ingredients except crushed ice on high until smooth.

2 Add crushed ice and blend again until smooth but with a thick consistency.

3 Pour smoothie into bowl and decorate with toppings of choice.

4 Enjoy!

“I love this smoothie because it’s a good balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats) and not too high in sugar like some can be. The cinnamon also helps to balance blood sugar levels to keep energy stable throughout the day.”

Amelia’s insider tips

Where are your favourite foodie spots in the area? I love Billi’s Cafe in McMahons Point for breakfast on weekends. They have so many options – both healthy and decadent. Bacino in Kirribilli is my regular coffee haunt and I love The Botanist for dinner and drinks as the menu is fresh and seasonal.

What do you like best about living in the neighbourhood? The beautiful harbour walks around Kirribilli and Lavender Bay. Nothing beats a sunset stroll past Luna Park! I also love the variety of cafes and the amazing community. It’s wonderful to go for coffee and chat to like-minded people.

Local blogger Amelia Kay can be found at and on Instagram @ameliasbalancedkitchen

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