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A Family Style

Meet the father and son team continuing a 57 year legacy of elegance and innovation in jewellery design

Peter and Ashley Lind

It was the size and colour of the diamond that took jeweller Peter Lind’s breath away. Pink, pear-shaped and 7.50 carat, all to be set in to an 8ct white gold dress ring.

“When you think that a 1.00ct pink diamond can cost up to $1 million per carat, I just don’t know how much the ring would have valued for,” Peter says. The piece is one of the many memorable treasures the north shore local has crafted in a career of almost six decades.

Starting an apprenticeship in 1963, Peter went on to win apprentice of the year before travelling and working in South Africa.

Returning to Sydney, he went on to open a studio in the historic ‘Trust Building’ in the CBD before relocating to the lower north shore 10 years later.

“Seeing his drawings of jewellery designs really inspired me then and still does today.”

The first Lind store was in Mosman Square before moving to its current spot on Military Road in 1991. In 2002, Peter’s son Ashley finished his apprenticeship and Lind Jewellery Design became a family affair.

“Dad had a bench at home and he used to bring a lot of work back. So there was always jewellery, jewellery designs and lots of art around the house,” Ashley remembers. “When I was young, I used to draw a lot. Seeing his drawings of jewellery designs really inspired me then and still does today.”

Top: Peter at work, Lind Jewellery Design on Military Road

Bottom: Lind’s signature Art Deco style, Players’ Player Award pin

The father and son now work on the business together, creating exquisite pieces in their signature Art Deco style. “I really fell in love with the history and art of that period,” Peter explains. “Being able to design and make a piece of jewellery that people say ‘wow, I must have this, this piece is really special’ and having that piece passed down through families is very rewarding.”

A cornerstone of the community, Lind Jewellery Design have been proud sponsors of The Mosman Rugby Club since presenting the first ‘Players’ Player Award’ back in 1993. Their links with local families run deep across the years too.

“Having the opportunity to be the family jeweller for three generations is really special to be a part of,” Peter says. “I feel very honoured that Ashley will take over the business one day.”

“He went to Mosman High then served his apprenticeship with me,” Peter continues. “He’s grown up in Mosman and I look forward to generations of the family being in this area.”

“Working with Dad is great,” Ashley concludes. “I’ve learnt a lot from him over the years. Plus, he’s one of my best mates, so it’s really something special.”


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