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Tucked on Broughton Street in Kirribilli, Coco Chocolate is a treasure trove for chocolate lovers

Chocolatier Rebecca Knights in her Broughton Street chocolate shop

From bars of milk chocolate spliced with caramel, pine nuts and sea salt to double cream salted caramel dark chocolate truffles and intriguing haggis spiced creations, there’s a wealth of indulgent chocolatey innovation to be discovered on this quiet side street in Kirribilli. Head chocolatier Rebecca Knights is the talent and tastebuds behind it all.

“Our new Plum Pudding chocolate bars are proving a hit!” Rebecca says. “We dry

the plums in our Mosman kitchens and grind them into a powder. We mix this into milk, white or dark chocolate and add cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, all spice and clove. Tastes just like a chocolate plum pudding!”

Rebecca is an expert when it comes to cacao, having trained in Europe and spent time at the prestigious Valrhona school.

“Excellent chocolate is real chocolate, made with the whole bean,” she explains. “Look for 100% cacao butter, not vegetable fat which in chocolate is usually palm oil, and high cacao mass percentages.” “For example, at Coco Chocolate we have bars right up to 99% cacao mass, which we created Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar range from. Our 68% cacao mass chocolate is our most popular in store and is dairy free.”

“Like olive oil, chocolate can have long expiries, but fresh is always best,” she continues. “We make ours every day right here in Sydney, we don’t import from overseas. Our ingredients are organically farmed, non-GM and ethically traded. Less than 1% of the world’s cacao is grown organically and not genetically modified. Coco Chocolate proudly is certified for both.”

Rebecca also shares her know-how at The Sydney Chocolate School. In a 90 minute class, students learn how to hand temper organic milk chocolate on marble and make a range of chocolates including chocolate bars, raspberry hearts, lollipops with cacao butter artwork and giant sprinkles. The best bit? You get to take home everything you make.

Great for private parties, work functions, children’s birthdays and hen dos.

“We’re right on the harbour and you can watch the boats sail by while chocolatiering,” Rebecca says. “It’s bliss!”

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PHOTO: blaise bell photography


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