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Weed it and reap!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Jordan Sly, vegie cowboy and head tickler at Wormticklers nursery, shares his top tips on making your garden greener this Autumn

In the eight years I’ve been Wormtickling, I’ve not used one plastic pot for my plants. Not one! We use biodegradable pots made from coconuts and plant directly into the soil. There’s no transplant shock or plastic landfill. It’s better for the planet, we save time with repotting and there’s less chance of losing plants because they don’t have to leave their happy little homes. That’s the thing about gardening greener. It’s more sustainable for the planet, it saves you time and money in the long run.

Organics rule

When it comes to the backyard, the absolute best thing you can do for your plants is to go organic.

Stay local

And when it comes to what you’re growing, think local. Native plants are used to the ups and downs of the Aussie weather and need less effort and water to grow. They give our little mates the bees a beautiful home too. Choose edibles and perennials.

We LOVE mulch

Plants love it too. A nice, juicy inch thick layer of the stuff prevents that precious H20 from evaporating. It reduces the watering you’ll need to do, protects soil from the sun and encourages worms who bring those plants to life! Tea tree mulch for natives, sugar cane for edibles.

Get scrappy

A worm farm in the back yard or bokashi bin under the sink creates rich natural compost from kitchen scraps. Donate your compost to friends and neighbours or the community garden. Which leads me to…

Sharing is caring

As always in Tickleland, we share what we have with others. Seeds, produce, compost, cuttings…the list is endless. Reuse and upcycle.


We flush away nine litres of water every time we use the toilet. Nine! It’s shocking how much water we waste! Get smart and stick a bucket in the shower. Use grey water to give those plants a drink. And if you’ve mulched and composted, you won’t need as much water. Too easy!

Weed it - naturally

Pull weeds before they flower. Simply grip low on the stem and make sure you get the roots. Remember, one year of seeds is seven years of weeds!

In season now! Brocollini, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, coriander, snow peas, carrot, cauliflower, chervil, mustard greens, rocket


Do you have a gardening question for Jordan? Email and the answer could appear in the next issue of northsider.


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